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2013-03-20 Joint Science Research with Japan

Since 2012, our school has joined a research project with a school in Osaka, Japan.
Students discuss and present their science projects with Japanese students through Skype.
Anyone who feels interested may log in the website:

2011-10-26 PBL through iEARN--An Incredibly Rewarding Experience

     Tired of the traditional learning that is featured with endless papers and tests? Here is something extraordinary to try: The iEARN Learning Circle!
     In this project, mutual interaction, idea and culture exchange are the main activities among students of different nationalities, which include those from the United States, Russia, Slovenia, Canada, Romania and as far as Morocco. Through regular idea sharings on the forum as well as requent email exchanges, students did get a better understanding of what their counterparts in other nations were thinking and what their heroes could be like. Interestingly, they found more similarities than differences in what they like and what kind of people they would regard as heroes! Obviously, globalization has exerted tremendous impact on people all over the world.
     Undoubtedly, this project has strongly enhanced students global views and abilities to complete a project in English. Please pay a visit to our website containing all of our works!
Please visit our class website at the iEARN LEARNING CIRCLE: http://myhero.com/go/organizer/view.asp?pageid=1001

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