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2016-12-20 Write for Rights

十大議題 配合Amnasty International所辦理的Write for Rights(寫信馬拉松)的活動

2014-06-05 Frankenstein on Trail


Frankenstein on Trial

The monster decides to sue his creator, Frankenstein, for negligence as well as emotional and physical distress. Students will play the following roles in the trial: the monster, Frankenstein, the prosecution lawyer for the monster, the defense lawyer for Frankenstein, the jury, and the judge.

I Fill in the following blanks according to the role you play, and then bring Frankenstein to trial!

1) The lawyer for the monster: reasons why Frankenstein is guilty


2) The lawyer for Frankenstein: reasons why Frankenstein is not guilty


3) The monster: his description of suffering


4) Frankenstein: defense


II After the four roles have finished speaking, it is time for the jury and the judge to make their decision.

1)      Jury 1: the decision as to whether Frankenstein is guilty and the reasons


2)      Jury 2: the decision as to whether Frankenstein is guilty and the reasons


3)      Judge: the decision as to what to do with Frankenstein




@ Prediction~  What happened to the monster in the end?


2013-04-03 Green Buildings 南科綠建築


The attached is a handout to teach our school's green building, and students were asked to write about their favorite and least favorite aspect of our school's green building.


Green Buildings.pdf

Students' responses


Ÿ   My favorite aspect of green building is the large windows. They can introduce sunlight and help with ventilation.

Ÿ   Large windows not only make the classrooms cooler and brighter, but also make our classrooms look more energetic. When my friends come to our school, they always feel jealous of us.


Plants and Insects:

Ÿ   We have many trees, flowers and different landscaping. However, they attract a lot of bugs and wireworms, especially on a hot summer day or after raining.

Ÿ   My favorite part is the green plants all over the campus. Each kind of plant is special. I also like the flower which has scent. Walking in the school which is full of youthful vigor, I feel so happy and lucky.

Ÿ   I like that there are lots of trees and flowers in our school. You can see different flowers around the year.



Ÿ   My least favorite aspect is the drains along the corridor and the stairs. They can’t solve the problem of rainwater. Instead, trash and dirt pile up there. It makes cleaning really hard.

Ÿ   The drains on the hallways are not useful enough. We often see the drains not working properly on rainy days.


Ecological Pool:

Ÿ   My favorite place is the pool which is surrounded by many creatures. But I suggest that we put a sign and write “no trash” on it.

Ÿ   I think our ecological pool is my least favorite part in our school. It is too dirty. The water lacks circulation. I think we should add the gap and take away the rocks that block the flowing.

Ÿ   In our school, my favorite part is the ecological pool. It was so beautiful when I first came here. I had never seen any other school with a pool like this, but now, my least favorite part is it, too. The water becomes so dirty. We should let the water flow and clean the garbage, or the green pool will become a dirty pool.



Ÿ   I like the restroom. It is ventilative so it won’t have a bad smell. However, the latticed wall let in too much cold air in winter, and we may find a way to cut cold air like installing windows so that we can control the circulation.

Ÿ   My favorite aspect of green building in our school is the restroom. Because one of its walls is made of hollow bricks, it allows wind to go through it, keeping the restroom cool and windy in summer. However, the shortcoming of the restroom is that the cold wind would freeze your buttocks in winter.

Ÿ   The ventilation of restroom is important. I had deep experience on it. My junior high school is not a green building and sometimes there is a bad smell in the restroom. Also, good ventilation will make the wet floor dry fast.



Ÿ   I think the terrace beside our classroom is great because it has a clear canopy. Sunlight can pass through it and brighten the corner. But it is also inconvenient since the passageway gets wet every time it rains.



Ÿ   My least favorite part of green building in our school is the gym. It’s warm in winter but it’s really hot and humid in summer. Maybe open all the windows will be better, but they are too high to open and close.



Ÿ   Library is my favorite part of our school, but it’s really dark and hot inside. With the blueprint, the architect said that sunshine would come inside and that it would be bright in the library. Actually, it seems to be impossible. Almost the whole library is under the shading of senior high department, and it makes sunshine hard to get inside. The position of the library makes it disadvantageous.



Ÿ   Every classroom has its own sink and we can clean our mop there. The school designs the sink to recycle the water to wash our mop, but we don’t have a stopper to keep our water. Maybe the school should give us a stopper. In this way, we will make sure to recycle waste water.

2013-04-01 Cultural Differences: Animal Imagery


     The use of animal imagery is prevalent in languages, empowering the diversity and beauty in cultures. The design of this lesson gives students a chance to reflect on the use of animal imagery in Chinese, while learning some different ways and uses in English.


2013-03-20 Mother's Revolt

十大議題 Students are required to discuss what part of the household chores they are responsible for.
Through the discussion and sharing, they may feel more empathetic with their parents.

Family Task List-U6.docx

2013-01-09 Gender Differences


Corresponding to the topic in Unit 2, Book 4, the worksheet is designed for students with different genders to share their opinions about the opposite sex.  By clarifying their misunderstanding, gender communication will be enhanced.

What the opposite sex does or says annoys you most-U2.docx


Presenting their discontent

2012-05-29 Of Happiness, Sadness, and Dreams--A Story about Jimmy's Life


    This lesson aims to introduce students to the graphic world of Jimmy and his life philosophy through the reading his personal life, drawing books, and videos, along with dramatic activities and group discussions to help them learn from Jimmy how he conquered and matured from his fatal illness. It's hoped that students can learn from Jimmy his spirit of "requesting the meaning of life" and "sticking to his dream and ideal." Students are also encouraged to reflect on their own life and think about what changes they would like to make if they were given the opportunities.  


2012-02-22 "Dairy-free Queen"--Life Education integrated into English Learning

     This lesson plan aims to expand students' horizon by giving them a general idea of what life might be like when one is faced with unknown allergies or diseases in life, and what to do to overcome the seemingly insurmountable difficulties. With a better understanding of the medical condition, students would be more likely to develop empathy toward those suffering, and thus offer assistance and concern. They will also be encouraged to look on the bright side and make adaptations that will bring them a better life quality. With group discussion and the sharing of an allergist's personal experiences, it is hoped that students will be equipped with a better sense of empathy, sympathy, care and resolution to fight in their lives.

Vocabulary in Action





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